Award Winning Software
360 Degree Solutions offer award winning software that is feature rich and easy to use. Our software is versatile and offers a range of complex features which are easy to operate.
Integrated Payment Solutions
Using multiple systems can lead to inconsistency in your data, our payment solutions can be integrated into other software so that you benefit from one single platform with automated collections.
Debit Order Solutions
360 Degree Solutions offer a range of debit order solutions from EFT to Debi-check which is run through our powerful and feature rich payments gateway, ensuring our clients run their collections successfully and receive analytics on the performance

We have services to suit all of your needs:


EFT is a low cost payment channel, by using EFT to collect fees or subscriptions you secure your cash flow.


Debi-check has an advantage over other forms of debit order payment channels, customers cannot reverse these transactions if they are executed according to the agreed debit order mandate.

Payment Gateway

Simple payment gateways with limited functions and features add to your workload

360 Degree Solutions is a registered Third Party Payment Provider (TPPP) that has a suite of powerful analytic and management tools that assist our clients to collect and manage recurring debit payments from their databases.

Collections are set up once, and then automatically collected against your mandate using one or even a combination of the EFT, or Debi-check payment streams.

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Why Choose 360 Degree Solutions?

Say goodbye to errors with manual data entry and staff managing your run, say hello to “Auto triggered” invoices, failed payment penalty charges added to and collected from your client’s profile automatically. Our automation recipes are already light years ahead of our competitors and are being added to all the time to give you, our customer, cutting edge tools to manage your collections effortlessly.


Our clients are the reason for our existence, and as such we use their input to guide future developments which would provide them with a competitive edge and cost reduction in business operations, with special consideration to provide this service through benchmarking against industry standards and best practice guidelines.

Our ethical responsibility for being a leading TPPP in South Africa is demonstrated through a strict risk management framework which ensures compliance to best practices and continuous review of the legal environment in which we operate, to drive our strategic direction and monitor when changes are required including implementation thereof.

Through these principles we become not only a business partner but an integral part of our customers operation and develop long standing relationships which become stronger through open communication and knowledge sharing.

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We are proudly sponsored by Nedbank, one of the Top five banks in South Africa. We have secure host-to-host connection for our payments portal giving you peace of mind that you are in capable hands with an award winning provider, Nedbank that holds the award for Best Corporate Banker in South Africa.

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